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Terms and Privacy Policy

What personal information will we collect about you?
To consider your application, we will need:

  • Contact details: address, email address, phone number
  • Employment history, if applicable: companies you’ve worked for, jobs you’ve held there, the names of character references from your previous employers
  • Background information: degrees, certificates, transcripts of record and, where relevant to the job role you are applying for and allowed by law, your credit history
  • Any information you may provide voluntarily: hobbies, beliefs, goals
How will GO-VA use your personal information?
We will limit our use of your personal information to:
  • Communicating with you to inform you of how your application has fared, as well as future job roles you may be qualified for
  • Background checks through your character references
  • HR management once you join GO-VA
Will parties outside GO-VA have access to your information?
  • Only your prospective clients, who will need that information to decide whether or not to proceed with your application.
What is our commitment to you?
  • GO-VA will protect your information against unlawful access, misuse or alteration, consistent with The Data Privacy Act of 2012.
We trust that all the information you have provided here is truthful and up-to-date.
  • That you have taken all the assessment exams and answered the questions here yourself, without assistance from a third party.

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